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Examples of Recent and Current HR Consulting Assignments

UK New Media Company
Conducted organisation review with owners
Advised on appropriate short-term and medium-term organisation plans
Proposed and advised upon redundancy of personnel
Designed terms and conditions of employment
Advised on the use of outsourced service

USA Parented High Technology Company
Career counselling for displaced managing director following an acquisition
Career counselling for finance executive following internal reorganisation

UK High Technology Specialist Printing Company
Retained as outsourced HR provider
Audited HR policies and practices
Conducted review of employment contracts and employee handbook
Advised upon TUPE implications of proposed merger with another plc
Advised upon and implemented termination of Managing Director
Advised upon and directed redundancy consultation programme for closure of division
Proposed fixed term employment for retiree

UK Food Distribution Group
Retained as outsourced HR provider
Conducted review of employment contracts and practices
Led consultation on revised employment terms and conditions
Designed and introduced employee handbooks and revised terms of employment
Guided management on preparation for employment tribunal
Advised upon proposed dismissal of senior manager
Provided guidance on stakeholder pension provisions
Instructed lawyers on terms of compromise agreement
Conducted disciplinary hearing and recorded minutes of proceedings
Advised on conduct of appeal hearing

USA Parented Oil & Gas Development and Production Company
Conducted a review of contractual terms for contract personnel
Audited current practices and advised upon IR35 issues
Produced revised terms of contract for contracted personne

UK Head Office of International E&P/Trading Group
Retained as outsourced HR provider
Conducted audit of HR practices
Introduced enhanced benefits programme in order to be more competitive
Designed revised employment contracts and compiled employee handbooks
Advised on recruitment of key personnel
Advised on the implementation of a redundancy programme
Provided guidance on stakeholder pension provisions
Sourced and advised upon the selection of computerised HR systems
Advised on disciplinary methods to be applied in response to alleged criminal deception
Designed and introduced Health Safety and Environmental policies
Incorporated new maternity/paternity provisions into employee handbooks

Manufacturer of Static Elimination Solutions
Advised on appropriate advertising media for recruitment of sales agents
Handled response to advertising
Conducted initial telephone interviews on behalf of client
Assisted in negotiation of contractual terms

Foreign Parented Energy Services Co.

Retained as outsourced HR consultant
Conducted audit of UK employment terms and conditions
Designed new employment contracts including employee handbooks
Reviewed expatriate terms and conditions
Designed and introduced revised expatriate contracts including offshore elements
Formulated HR policies and procedures
Advised Executive Board member on his contractual rights during period of censure
Conducted negotiations with senior executive on his termination entitlements
Instructed lawyers on terms of compromise agreements
Conducted organisation review of overseas subsidiary and proposed solutions
Advised on appropriate terms of engagement for an executive director
Provided terms of engagement for non-executive directors
Advised on TUPE implications affecting sale of subsidiary company
Introduced enhanced benefit programme to improve competitor position
Reviewed insured benefits programme with risk management advisors
Introduced pensions handbook and advised on stakeholder pension provisions
Provided appropriate documentation for pregnant employee and advised management on maternity implications and procedures.
Established effective HR records and procedures
Designed and introduced handbook for expatriate staff
Led consultation with staff regarding redundancy implications of sale of subsidiary
Produced all termination documentation for management
Produced updated staff information on revised maternity/paternity legislation

International Energy Group
Advised on organisation development for new UK start-up
Conducted targeted search for a Business Development specialist in alternative energy solutions

International Personnel Services Provider
Recruited an international media specialist for their oil industry client in the Caspian region

International Joint Venture
Retained as outsourced HR consultant
Conducted audit of HR policies and practices
Designed and produced employee handbooks for company intranet
Advised on implications of the Data Protection Act 1998

Recruitment Consultants
Conducted training programme to improve consultants' billings and effectiveness
Acted as mentor to new recruitment consultants

UK Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Company
Retained as outsourced HR adviser
Conducted audit of employment practices in both the subsidiary and the parent company
Designed and introduced employee handbooks
Designed and introduced revised terms and conditions of employment
Advised upon the acquisition of new assets and the people implications
Liaison with external recruitment provider regarding selection and assessment procedures

UK Plc International Energy Group
Retained as outsourced HR adviser
Introduced consultants to facilitate strategic and operational review
Designed policies and procedures for oil division
Designed employee handbooks for UK personnel
Participated in the team advising on the potential acquisition of a competitor
Established effective HR records
Provided career counselling to displaced personnel
Conducted organisation review of Caspian region subsidiary
Designed and advised upon the implementation of major redundancy programme in foreign country, conducted risk evaluation of likely repercussions
Recruited key personnel for overseas subsidiary
Conducted salary reviews